Product Painting

We have installed a state of the art paint shop at our Pune plant. The paint shop has two paint booths with 4 paint stations, an oven for drying. Movement of the products inside the paint shop is carried out on a conveyor system. Facilities like PU painting; screen-printing and other custom services are also available.

To maintain a high level of accuracy and increase productivity, we have also installed a Robot for painting LCD and LED panels. This Korean made robot is currently used to paint LED and LDC panels for LG electronics India.

We also have assembly lines to provide complete component assembly after the painting is finished. With more than 60 assembly line experts, 10 painters and a team of engineers, we proudly boast of one of most popular and successful paint shops of central India.

Salient Features

  • 3 paint booths with 2 stations each making a total of 6 paint stations
  • 2 ovens
  • 1 rework station
  • 1 Robot for LED and LCD painting
  • PU painting
  • Gradation painting
  • Screen printing
  • Assembly Line setup
  • Conveyor system to reduce handling and rejections