Mould Engineering

Miltech Mould Shop

Mould Shop has over 18 years of experience in the plastic industry. The company consists of professional engineers and technologists with expertise in system planning, wire-cut, milling, quality and engineering. Mould Shop support staff have years of experience in surveying, project, design and data management. Additional professional and technical assistance is available through Mould Shop's network of experts.

Mould Maintenance Services

Miltech Maintenance Department, carries out proactive and predictive maintenance elements - all geared toward achieving industry-best overall operational effectiveness.
The maintenance service helps customers to achieve and sustain the lowest total part cost over the entire product lifecycle - regardless of market, size of operation or location. They achieve this by taking care of the moulds and carring out regular maintenance over them. We understand that the mould is an important asset and has to be treated with due care and diligence.

Quality & Assurance

All the process are continuously monitored with rigorous inspection and with proper documentation at various stages. We have a complete quality management program with ISO 9001:2000 and TS - 16949 in place to support and guarantee the customer satisfaction
The finished molds pass through VTC's stringent quality controls. The latest precision measuring methods are used to examine all components' compliance with manufacturing tolerances and appropriate reports are made.

Quality Assurance Facilities:

MITUTOYO - Tool makers microscope
BROWN & SHARPE 3D measuring CMM machines
MITUTOYO 3D measuring VMM machine
2D measuring microscope
Height gauge and related Instruments
Host of other inspection equipments.